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Q4 2019

Steam (PC)
Nintendo Switch
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The Tale of Bistun is an isometric narrative-driven action game for PC, Mac and Consoles. It is a tragic story through Persian Legends.


Through a long journey, full of hate and love, greed and devotion, faith and frailty, a man named FARHAD rises and makes a sacrifice for his beloved, SHIRIN. The Tale of Bistun has deep roots in the Persian Culture; it is an action adaptation of a real story narrated in poetry by Nizami Ganjavi who is considered as one of the greatest romantic poets of the 12th century, in Persian literature.


  • Untold story with unique narration.
  • Atmospheric setting wmphasized by a traditional Persian soundtrack.
  • Stunning stylish art with references to the Persian culture.
  • Semi-open world exploration to discover the limbo in Farhad's mind.
  • Brutal action-packed combat against foes based on original legends.


Gameplay Reveal TGC 2018 YouTube

Teaser Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (63MB)
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download logo files as .zip (6MB)

Listen to the soundtrack: soundcloud.com.

About Black Cube Games

We are an indie game development studio working on a PC and Console game called The Tale of Bistun.

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The Tale of Bistun Credits

Amin Shahidi
Team lead, Animator & Game Designer

Navid Shadrokh
Concept Artist

Mohammad Najafi
3D Artist

Soroush Abbasian
VFX Artist

Majid Rahmani
Game Designer

Ehsan Tahmoures
Game Designer

Vahid Siamaknejad
Lead Programmer

Hosein Akbari
Gameplay & Tools Programmer

Soheil Salehinia
AI Programmer

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