Our Talented Team

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Our common love of videogames, made Black Cube Games. We're learning from our mistakes to make our dreams come true. The biggest wealth of BCG is the people who make the black magic box work and generate brand new experiences and stories.

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Amin Shahidi

Team Lead - Animator/Game Designer

Amin is a great team coordinator and is the center of the team motivation and drive. He is an exceptional animator and his artistic sight excels him in his game design.

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Navid Shadrokh

2D Concept Artist

Navid’s inspirational ideas and illustrations continue to amaze everyone who has the pleasure of working with him.

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Mohammad Najafi

3D Artist

Mohammad has the skills it takes to produce high quality, low poly models perfect for games. His work is well known in the local community.

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Soroush Abbasian

UI/Visual Effects Designer

Soroush is unique in what he does. Most teams aren’t lucky enough to have a dedicated visual effects designer to oversee the connection between the engine and the art.

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Majid Rahmani

Game / Level Designer

Majid believes to be a T as a member of an indie team. He's the guy who refines game mechanics, gameplay systems and design level layouts, pacing and flow of the levels.

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Ehsan Tahmoures

Game / Narrative Designer

Ehsan is very passionate to tell stories through his level design and that's why he decided to study screenwriting at college. His experience in f2p & mobile games also makes him invaluable to the team.

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Vahid Siamaknejad

Lead Programmer

Vahid's ability to lead and manage the technical team is a great value to the team. He has good communication with other team members as the lead programmer.

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Hosein Akbari

Gameplay and Tools Programmer

Hosein's talent for coding and reliability has always been apparent in his work. And his love for creating handy tools for artists and designers is an asset for the team.

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Ali Boroumand

Business Relations

Ali is the Business Relations here at Black Cube Games. He is the face of the team in our business meetings. He will do anything he can to present the best of our team to the industry.

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Ahmadreza Khaksari

Environment Artist

Ahmadreza is the one who makes our games alive and believable. His legendary skills in Environment Art is vital for our team.

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Amir Golkhani

PR Manager