Ali is the Business Relations here at Black Cube Games. He is the face of the team in our business meetings. He will do anything he can to present the best of our team to the industry.

Favorite Games: Civilization VI, The Last of Us, Factorio



The Tale of Bistun

In Development

The Tale of Bistun is an isometric action adaptation of a romantic story. The tale of a mountain carver named Farhad and the Armenian princess Shirin, who becomes the queen of Persia.
Farhad faces King Khosrow as a love rival. The king would step aside and allow Farhad to marry the princess, only if he can annihilate the mountain Bistun and carve out a new road.
This game features a brutal combat system which we call snap fighting. You can also explore the semi-open world during day and night.

Shadow Blade 2 (Vertical Slice)


Shadow Blade 2 is a fast-paced action platformer game based on critically and financially successful IP, Shadow Blade with huge improvements on aesthetics, new gameplay systems and creative features.

New Unique Features:
- Primary, secondary and special weapons unlocked by Experience System.
- Elemental weapons and enemies affect each other.
- Fast-paced real ninja-like brutal finishers named Time Event.
- A 2.5D experience where character can move inward/outward depth.
- More than 25 levels with different difficulty categories for each.
- Spectacular visual effects and atmosphere depicting future Japan with cyberpunk elements.

CLIENT: Dead Mage

Cartoon Strike


Cartoon Strike is a web-based multiplayer realtime first person shooter. Compete with players online and beat your friends in this 2d pixel art shooter.

Developing Cartoon Strike was overall a great experience and the game turned out really fun.


Echo Delta: Incursion


Echo Delta: Incursion is a online cooperative, tactical, first person shooter set in a series of very large, open, island environments. The player is challenged with planning their own missions whilst attempting to recapture a series of strategic hotspots and clear the islands of a hostile invasion force.

I faced a series of challenges working on network programming, AI, animation programming and gameplay. The technical challenges we overcame were extraordinary and the final result exceeded expectation.

DEVELOPER: Wobbly Rocket LTD.
PUBLISHER: Wobbly Rocket LTD.

Uncle Norouz and the Snowman's Dream


Uncle Noruz and the Snowman's Dream, an exciting new platformer for PC and Mac.

I was one of the developers who worked on the game. I created some of the mechanics and objects for solving puzzles.

CLINET: Median Games
PUBLISHER: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri

Transit Mania


Transit Mania is a mobile transport management game for iOS and Android devices. You have to create a smooth and dynamicly flowing transport network to deliver passengers to their destinations. Fail to do so and you loose!

I was the sole developer of the project and developed everything from game mechanics to pathfinding and the UI.

CLIENT: Ahmed Alrasheed