Amin is a great team coordinator and is the center of the team motivation and drive. He is an exceptional animator and his artistic sight excels him in his game design.

Favorite Games: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Red Dead Redemption, Civilization VI



The Tale of Bistun

In Development

The Tale of Bistun is an isometric action adaptation of a romantic story. The tale of a mountain carver named Farhad and the Armenian princess Shirin, who becomes the queen of Persia.
Farhad faces King Khosrow as a love rival. The king would step aside and allow Farhad to marry the princess, only if he can annihilate the mountain Bistun and carve out a new road.
This game features a brutal combat system which we call snap fighting. You can also explore the semi-open world during day and night.



WAKING is an emotional action / adventure game developed between 2014 & 2018 by Jason Oda and a small team of freelancers. It was funded by Microsoft via the ID program.

Build the palace within.
You are in a Coma. In a dream, deep within your subconscious, you battle against the forces of darkness that softly lull you into giving in to death.
What are the sacred relics of your life? A handful of dirt from your home town? A pet that died long ago? The eyes of the one you love? Find and customize the treasures of your life and use them as weapons against the forces of death.
Battle to reconnect the synapses in your mind and unlock the mystery of what led you to this awful state.

CLIENT: Jason Oda
PUBLISHER: Microsoft

Shadow Blade 2 (Vertical Slice)


Shadow Blade 2 is a fast-paced action platformer game based on critically and financially successful IP, Shadow Blade with huge improvements on aesthetics, new gameplay systems and creative features.

New Unique Features:
- Primary, secondary and special weapons unlocked by Experience System.
- Elemental weapons and enemies affect each other.
- Fast-paced real ninja-like brutal finishers named Time Event.
- A 2.5D experience where character can move inward/outward depth.
- More than 25 levels with different difficulty categories for each.
- Spectacular visual effects and atmosphere depicting future Japan with cyberpunk elements.

CLIENT: Dead Mage Studio

Uncle Norouz and the Snowman's Dream


Uncle Noruz and the Snowman's Dream, an exciting new platformer for PC and Mac.

I created the chracter and cinematic animations in the project. In this project I had to study and research the characters personalities from ancient Iranian culture. We had hours of meeting discussing who Amo Norouz and Nane Sarma were and how to show them in the game. Ancient Iranian culture is always interesting to me and I really enjoyed working on the project.

CLINET: Median Games
PUBLISHER: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri

Dark Madness


The Dark Madness: Mind Trap, is a horror action and third person shooter game with about ten hours gamepaly.More than twenty different types of enemies(with different mechanics and AIs) are provided in this game.The game has ten chapters and various environments and more than thirty spectacular cut scenes for narrating the story

In this project I was the lead cinematic animator and director. The animations were a blend of motion capture and manual animation. The experience directing the characters based on the storyboard with our software and hardware limitations was extremely hard but also interesting. In this project I was introduced with cinematic cameras in Unity3D and the cinematic camera in 3D Max.

Animating weird humanoid and non-humanoid characters and creating realistic animations was also a new experience I had in the project.


Legend of Rouzbeh


My major contribution to The Legend of Rouzbeh was the main charcters animation. I modeled on of the enemies and later animated it too which was very rewarding as it was my first experience modeling. This was the first experience I had animating non humanoid creatures and also my first action humanoid animations. I also learnt uv mapping and getting the model ready for texturing in this project.

The Legend of rouzbeh won the following awards from Tehran’s 1st international game
. Runner up for best game of the year
. Best environment art
. Best technical achievement
. Best RPG game of the year

DEVELOPER: Median Games
PUBLISHER: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri

The New Life of Sara


The New Life of Sara is a RPG game.

This was first experience in a game project. I learnt 3D modeling and creating one of the environments of the game which in time brought me closer to animation and turned me into an animator. I also worked on some of the game’s art and advertising posters.

DEVELOPER: Median Games
PULISHER: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri

Transit Mania


Transit Mania is a mobile transport management game for iOS and Android devices. You have to create a smooth and dynamicly flowing transport network to deliver passengers to their destinations. Fail to do so and you loose!

I worked on Transit Mania as a designer and an artist. Integrating art with the game design was one of our biggest struggles in the project. We wanted the art to be as simple as possible while still having the meaning we had in mind.
Transit Mania is currently in its final stages of development and is currently undergoing heavy testing and polishing and is scheduled for release in the very near future.

CLIENT: Ahmed Alrasheed



Bidari is an point and click action adventure game with an engaging storyline and 2D art.

I was the animator and advertising artist in this project. It was my first experience working on an adventure point and click game. All the environment, characters and puzzles were in 2D except the main character which made it difficult and crucial for the animations to blend in.

Bidari won the 2013 best game design award at Tehran’s 2nd international game festival and
also was nominated as 2013 best music award at Tehran’s 2nd international game festival.

DEVELOPER: Bazi Resaneh
PUBLISHER: Bazi Resaneh



TRICORN is twitch reflex game for Android and iOS. You can control your Tricorn by touching left or right trying to avoid contact with obstacles. Hitting anything will make you lose.

I was the main designer on the project.


Moomin House


Moomin House is a Action Mobile game with two mini-games. Play as the popular Moomin characters while you build towers in Moomin Tower and swim through reefs and other obstacles in Moomin Swim.
The development of this project was finished but not it's not published by the client.

CLIENT: Ladybird Co.

Time Cut


Time Cut is based on concentration and acting quickly. You have to focus on drum sounds and wait till the turret shoots at you. You can cut the bullet by tapping on the screen while the bullet is near. If you miss the bullet or tap before the right time, you will get hit and game will restart. Your goal is to reach the turrets on each scene and destroy them.
It contains 3 different game modes which are different, engaging and very challenging.

DEVELOPER: Lootshake Studio
PUBLISHER: Lootshake Studio

Castle Keeper


An indie project made to test the capabilities and restrictions of Unity3D.

This was one of my first experiences working in Unity. I had some small contributions to the art of the game and we hope we can continue and expand this game in the future.

DEVELOPER: Median Games