Ehsan is very passionate to tell stories through his level design and that’s why he decided to study screenwriting at college. His experience in f2p & mobile games also makes him invaluable to the team.

Favorite Games: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dark Souls 3, The Neverhood



The Tale of Bistun

In Development

The Tale of Bistun is an isometric action adaptation of a romantic story. The tale of a mountain carver named Farhad and the Armenian princess Shirin, who becomes the queen of Persia.
Farhad faces King Khosrow as a love rival. The king would step aside and allow Farhad to marry the princess, only if he can annihilate the mountain Bistun and carve out a new road.
This game features a brutal combat system which we call snap fighting. You can also explore the semi-open world during day and night.

Shadow Blade 2 (Vertical Slice)


Shadow Blade 2 is a fast-paced action platformer game based on critically and financially successful IP, Shadow Blade with huge improvements on aesthetics, new gameplay systems and creative features.

New Unique Features:
- Primary, secondary and special weapons unlocked by Experience System.
- Elemental weapons and enemies affect each other.
- Fast-paced real ninja-like brutal finishers named Time Event.
- A 2.5D experience where character can move inward/outward depth.
- More than 25 levels with different difficulty categories for each.
- Spectacular visual effects and atmosphere depicting future Japan with cyberpunk elements.

CLIENT: Dead Mage Studio

Dark Madness


The Dark Madness: Mind Trap, is a horror action and third person shooter game with about ten hours gamepaly.More than twenty different types of enemies(with different mechanics and AIs) are provided in this game.The game has ten chapters and various environments and more than thirty spectacular cut scenes for narrating the story.

My responsibility was to help our lead designer in order to create some levels and missions.


Rooster Wars


Rooster Wars is a mobile turn-based PvP battle game. I was responsible for designing the campaign story mode, PvP battles, daily quests, special limited time events, tournaments and clan wars. Also, I did some improvements in the game economy via using machination tools and adding extra weapons and armors with the most major and minor balanced stats.

DEVELOPER: Medrick Studio
PUBLISHER: Medrick Studio


Moomin House


Moomin House is a Action Mobile game with two mini-games. Play as the popular Moomin characters while you build towers in Moomin Tower and swim through reefs and other obstacles in Moomin Swim.
The development of this project was finished but not it's not published by the client.

I worked on all the 2D Particle FX and UI art in Moomin House.

CLIENT: Ladybird Co.

Rolling Lazies


Rolling Lazies was a fun little project that I've worked on when I was a student of game design. I was responsible for creating 60 levels. The summary of the gameplay is that you should fire a war cannon to make the bloated animals move to reach their food.