Mohammad has the skills it takes to produce high quality, low poly models perfect for games. His work is well known in the local community.

Favorite Games: Red Dead Redemption, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Devil May Cry



The Tale of Bistun

In Development

The Tale of Bistun is an isometric action adaptation of a romantic story. The tale of a mountain carver named Farhad and the Armenian princess Shirin, who becomes the queen of Persia.
Farhad faces King Khosrow as a love rival. The king would step aside and allow Farhad to marry the princess, only if he can annihilate the mountain Bistun and carve out a new road.
This game features a brutal combat system which we call snap fighting. You can also explore the semi-open world during day and night.



Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open world, tactical shooter utilising a third person perspective.

I created some characters asset and sculpted the high poly model of some main charcters in this project as a freelance artist.

DEVELOPER: Ubisoft Paris

John Wick Chronicles


John Wick Chronicles lets you play as the legendary assassin John Wick, allowing you to pick up his iconic weapons and head into the world of hired guns - all in virtual reality.

In John Wick Chronicles you’ll dive into a whole new way to experience the action, as you’ll be a part of it - and not just someone who holds the controller.

Enter the Continental Hotel, and pick up your first mission…

DEVELOPER: Gameco Studios
PUBLISHER: Starbeeze Studios

Shadow Blade 2 (Vertical Slice)


Shadow Blade 2 is a fast-paced action platformer game based on critically and financially successful IP, Shadow Blade with huge improvements on aesthetics, new gameplay systems and creative features.

New Unique Features:
- Primary, secondary and special weapons unlocked by Experience System.
- Elemental weapons and enemies affect each other.
- Fast-paced real ninja-like brutal finishers named Time Event.
- A 2.5D experience where character can move inward/outward depth.
- More than 25 levels with different difficulty categories for each.
- Spectacular visual effects and atmosphere depicting future Japan with cyberpunk elements.

CLIENT: Dead Mage Studio

Shaolin and Wu Tang


Shaolin vs Wutang is a 1 on 1 indie fighting game featuring motion captured animations, hand to hand and weapon combat, great music and inspired graphics. No flashy over the top effects, just combat influenced by classic Kung Fu films.

DEVELOPER: Jae Lee Production
PUBLISHER: Digital Tribe

Uncle Norouz and the Snowman's Dream


Uncle Noruz and the Snowman's Dream, an exciting new platformer for PC and Mac.

I was one of the 3D artist of the project. I modeled a few of the characters and some of the environments.

CLINET: Median Games
PUBLISHER: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri

Defenders of Naxia


Defenders of naxia is an action RPG full 3D roguelite Game.

I was a character modeler and one of the 3D artists of the team.

DEVELOPER: Novel Geometry



Bidari is an point and click action adventure game with an engaging storyline and 2D art.

I was the texture artist and graphics artist of the project.

Bidari won the 2013 best game design award at Tehran’s 2nd international game festival and
also was nominated as 2013 best music award at Tehran’s 2nd international game festival.

DEVELOPER: Bazi Resaneh
PUBLISHER: Bazi Resaneh