Vahid’s ability to lead and manage the technical team is a great value to the team. He has good communication with other team members as the lead programmer.

Favorite Games: The Last of Us, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Assassin’s Creed II



The Tale of Bistun

In Development

The Tale of Bistun is an isometric narrative-driven action game for PC and Consoles. It is a tragic story through Persian Legends.

I'm the lead programmer in this project and my main focus is on the player behaviors, enemies AI, some gameplay features and general game systems.



Experience Ultrafast Turnbased Combat in AVARIAvs! Command 16 unique heroes, wield mind-bending Real Life Debuffs and unleash epic Focusburns to claim victory. Build YOUR party, destroy the enemy, WIN!

In AVARIAvs, players select a party of 3 heroes to battle against an opponent’s party. During battle, opposing players choose their actions simultaneously and then witness the mayhem of their decisions. Combat rages on until one winner reigns victorious by decimating their opponent’s HP to zero.

I was added to the PC game AVARIAvs project as a game programmer after the beta version. My main tasks were polishing and bug fixing to reach the gold version.

DEVELOPER:Juncture Media
PUBLISHER: Juncture Media

Shadow Blade 2 (Vertical Slice)


Shadow Blade 2 is a fast-paced action platformer game based on critically and financially successful IP, Shadow Blade with huge improvements on aesthetics, new gameplay systems and creative features.

New Unique Features:
- Primary, secondary and special weapons unlocked by Experience System.
- Elemental weapons and enemies affect each other.
- Fast-paced real ninja-like brutal finishers named Time Event.
- A 2.5D experience where character can move inward/outward depth.
- More than 25 levels with different difficulty categories for each.
- Spectacular visual effects and atmosphere depicting future Japan with cyberpunk elements.

I worked on the player behaviors and gameplay mechanics in this project.

CLIENT: Dead Mage Studio


Moomin House


Moomin House is a Action Mobile game with two mini-games. Play as the popular Moomin characters while you build towers in Moomin Tower and swim through reefs and other obstacles in Moomin Swim.
The development of this project was finished but not it's not published by the client.

CLIENT: Ladybird Co.



nfantimals is a unique, fast and challenging arcade game for iOS and Android devices. In this game you use your expertise to swipe up to feed the animals and keep them alive! Your goal is to correctly feed the animals and prevent them from getting sick as long as you can.

I was one of the developers of this game. I developed mechanics of the game play, UI, network stuffs and some other jobs.

DEVELOPER: Lootshake Studio
PUBLISHER: Lootshake Studio

Time Cut


Time Cut is based on concentration and acting quickly. You have to focus on drum sounds and wait till the turret shoots at you. You can cut the bullet by tapping on the screen while the bullet is near. If you miss the bullet or tap before the right time, you will get hit and game will restart. Your goal is to reach the turrets on each scene and destroy them.
It contains 3 different game modes which are different, engaging and very challenging.

I was one of the developers of this game. I developed mechanics of the game play, UI, network stuffs and some other jobs.

DEVELOPER: Lootshake Studio
PUBLISHER: Lootshake Studio




Exir (Elixir) is an online Action-Strategic game with six minigames for Android and iOS. You play them to gather resources and build your town.

I developed 3 minigames and the client-side networking system for all minigames in this project.

DEVELOPER: Pooyan Game Studio
PUBLISHER: Pooyan Game Studio



Tricorn is twitch reflex game for Mobiles and tablets. In Tricorn, you control a triangle that can only pass through
white obstacles. You also have to turn your triangle red to break red obstacles. You can move your triangle left and
right by pressing the screen and turn your triangle red by holding both sides. You can collect orbs to purchase new
triangle or revive your game. Try to beat the record by passing as many obstacles as you can while hitting anything
purple, blows you up!

This was my first game project. All the programming and development was done by myself. This game had been released for iOS and Android.

(This Cafe Bazaar version is enhanced. In this version you can collect orbs to purchase new triangles or revive your game.)